Thursday, October 23, 2008

This and That

Well, I certainly have been missing ya!! I hope the feeling is mutual. Life has been full lately; In a great way!.

By the way, I haven't forgotten about my series on "The Simple Life". Ironically, I have been so entertained with living it, that I haven't been posting my thoughts on it!! But, I WILL. I Promise!!

Funny story I want to share. It really has no meaning, but it is humorous.

We have an on-going joke in our family that I am my mom's favorite and my sister, Melanie, is my dad's favorite. (At least I am assuming it is a joke! LOL!)

Anyway, My mom sent out an email survey the other day asking what one thing did we think she would take with her if she were stranded on a deserted island.

My sister answered by saying, "Well, if you were stranded with me, you would bring Starr. If you were stranded with Starr, you wouldn't need anything else!"

We all got a big kick out of that!

Actually, my mom said she would bring my dad because he would probably be able to figure out how to build a boat out of "island junk" and they would be able to get back home in no time!

I am betting when they returned fromn that lonely island, she would head straight for my house! You know, since I'm her favorite and all.

My dad would call my sister first thing for sure!

Enough of that!

Speaking of children...............

I am really enjoying homeschooling Austin, my six-year old. We are doing all kinds of fun learning activities and he is taking a science class and a little class at the library. We are just having a blast! I am so thankful that God has allowed me the opportunity to do this with my children. I feel so blessed. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

Love on your kids all you can. Too soon they will be grown and gone. My 18 year old, Chase, has shown me that. It's weird when you look at your first born and see a man.

Seeing a godly man is a definite confirmation that devoting your life to them as they are growing certainly pays high dividends.

I thank God for the wonderful family I grew up in and can see that all their love and hard work raising Melanie and I gave us both very fruitful lives. We are now reaping the same benefits with our own children. A blessing come full circle.

One more thing, On my calendar today it says this:

Behind the face of every person we can see the face of Jesus, and hear Him say, "I died for this person."

What a thought to carry with you! Think on that today as you look into the eyes of those around you; Favorites or not. (ha ha!)

Keep it Simple!
Love and Blessings,


Melanie said...

OMG! I have laughed so hard!! And I don't care what anyone says, we all know it's true...although Daddy did call you at home last night and I just happened to be there to talk with him so why didn't he call me first?? Well, we won't go there! And about the grown kids thing....i'm feeling it and you know why! Air Force here we come!! Pray for me and for Tyler. This is gonna be hard!
I love you so much....and I don't care who's favorite you are, you'll always be my favorite sister and my best friend!

Starr said...

You are my favorite too!! Tyler will be so covered in prayers, there is no way he will be anything but SAFE!!! You don't need to worry. I'll cry with ya when he leaves and sqeeze him to pieces with ya when he gets back, ok?
I love you,

Anonymous said...

Well we had to get my 2 cents into the mix. We love you both more than life itself. There are NO favorites. Each of you are special in your own individual ways. We love you for the lovely women in Christ that you have become. We are so blessed that God has given us the two of you. As for those grandchildren, They are the very best. We do not know what we ever did to deserve our family but we put it first and foremost in our lives after GOD, of course. Love you all bunches, Momma and Daddy
P.S. We love Cabot and Wesley and T.R. and ??????????, we are trying.

Pinkshoelady said...

I loved this!
I have missed you!!!!!
Glad to see you are back!
This was so funny.

I loved the quate at the end! We sometimes forget that Jesus died for everyone we see.

Love you my friend glad all isd going well with school.

Be back soon!