Friday, August 22, 2008

Teeth Troubles

Teeth. That has been the topic of interest around our house this week.

My six year old lost one yesterday. He looks so cute!

I lost one, too. I don't look so cute.

The Tooth Fairy didn't even pay me a visit. I tried. Put my big, ole ugly tooth under the pillow and everything. Didn't work though.

Austin got a dollar for his tooth falling out. I got nothing but a gaping hole in my mouth and a lot of pain. I've been on pain meds since yesterday afternoon. (Hence this weird post!)

I had an infected tooth and put it off as long as I could due to lack of dental insurance. That left me with no choice but to have it pulled. Bad thing is that it is near the front of my mouth. As a person who struggles with self-esteem, this is NOT good.

I am praying, though, that God will make a way for me to be able to get it fixed. Just so I won't look too goofy. I am scheduled to speak at a women's retreat in three weeks. I'm guessing at least I will probably be able to keep their attention as they gaze into the "big black hole" while I am talking. It will give them something to focus on. Oh my! Pray for me.

Anyway, Austin and I got into an interesting conversation this morning as he climbed into bed with me after his daddy left for work. It went something like this:

Austin: "Tooth feelin' better today, mom?"

Me: "A little."

Austin: "Just do like I do. Put all your food and drink on the other side of your mouth and then it won't hurt so much."

Me: "I'll have to try that. You give great advice for a little guy. Maybe you should grow up and be a dentist."

Austin: "Yeah! That would be great!! Then when you need to get a tooth fixed, you wouldn't have to go all the way to the dentist's office! I could do it for you!!"

Me: "Yeah! Like when you need a haircut, you don't have to go all the way to the salon. I just do it for you here."

Austin: " Well, I think I WILL be a dentist when I grow up. Do I have to go to school for it?"

Me: "Yeah."

Austin: " I don't know. Don't dentists have to pull teeth and see blood and look inside people's gross mouths?"

Me: "Yeah, but they make lots of money."

Austin: "Enough to buy us a really big house?"

Me: "Yes."

Austin: "I don't think I like the blood thing too much. If I go to school to be a dentist, do I get to keep the dentist suit even if I quit being a dentist?"

Me: "I guess."

Austin: "Well, I think I WILL be one!"

I reckon the suit is all that matters, huh? Guess we are all caught up a little in how we look! Just so long as we have a cool "suit", all is well.

I'll be back again tomorrow. Maybe I won't be on meds then and my next post will have a much deeper spiritual meaning. Until then.......