Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Notes

I haven't been home much lately. My daddy is battling cancer right now and I have been traveling back and forth to the coast to be with my parents. I was away all week last week, and as I was preparing to leave for the trip last Monday, I got an idea.

You see, I had felt that my time away from my husband was leaving an empty space in our family. My bright idea was in effect an effort to let him know how much he is loved, even though I was not there in person to tell him every morning. As I got out of the shower, the bathroom mirror was steamed over and I took the opportunity to write a love note to him with my finger over the fogged glass. I knew it would show up every time he got out of the shower all week long while I was gone. He would be able to read my "hidden message" and know I was thinking of and missing him. Am I brilliant or what!!

We talked on the phone every day, but I never mentioned the mirror endeavor. I was sure he'd seen it though. After all, how could he miss the huge words scrolled all over the mirror right in front of his face? I felt good inside about the message I had left behind to greet him every morning!

I finally returned home late in the evening yesterday and after cleaning the house up a bit and doing a few loads of laundry, I decided to take a shower to relax before hitting the bed for the night. It was then that I remembered the love note as I saw it appear magically before me on the fogged up glass.

I smiled to myself at my cleverness and proceeded to the bedroom. I couldn't stand his lack of response any longer!

"What did you think of the note I left for you on the mirror, honey?", I asked my man.

"What note?", He replied, in typical man fashion.

"You mean you didn't see it? Come here and look. How could you have missed it?"

As we both walked into the bathroom, there it was, as plain as the nose on your face, but amazingly, my husband was seeing it for the very first time! He was surprised that he had missed it, but in his defense, he was correct in admitting that he doesn't even fully wake up until he gets halfway to work! He was so busy running around every morning trying to get ready, that the love note in front of him never even got noticed.

You know, God has a love note for you every morning also. He gives you a brand new day to be alive and serve Him and make a difference in the world. He gives you breath and the ability to help others. He fills every day with blessings and all sorts of demonstrations of His love for His children. Are you too busy to see them? Are you sleep-walking through your day missing all He has in store for you?

It is right there in front of your face! He loves you with an everlasting unfailing love. He wants you to know it. He longs to tell you and see your response. He never wants for you to go even one minute without feeling that engulfing love.

Tomorrow when you get up, stay on the lookout all day long for those love notes. They will make your day, let me tell you! They are there in plain sight, you just have to notice them.

Love and Blessings,