Friday, October 9, 2009

Being A Survivor

Today I walked in the rain. It wasn't wet when we started out, but it was before we finished. I walk with a group of wonderful gals every week for a time of fellowship and encouragement. It helps us get through the week a little easier.

I decided to put on my daddy's shirt this morning. It is the one he got at the Relay For Life Cancer Walk earlier this year. It says "SURVIVOR" in big letters all across the back. I wear that shirt a lot.

You see, I was with him on that walk. He was fighting the battle of his life at that particular time. We all were. When someone you love has cancer, the whole family gets it in a sense. It's what you live, breath, and ingest for as long as the disease endures. It's a walk that no one chooses to take, but once you get on the path, you can't just step off. You gotta keep walking.

Today I wore that shirt proudly. I always do. Maybe some folks see it and think I am the survivor. Maybe in some sense, I am. My daddy went on in early July to make his new home in heaven. He went out smiling and full of joy. He most assuredly survived!! He is living in eternity with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!

On the other hand, I am left here to continue to fight the battles of every day life. His purple SURVIVOR shirt reminds me to keep on keepin' on. It reminds me that no matter how hard the walk gets, I can make it. How do I know that for sure?

Because I have a Savior that walks with me. He walks on each side to protect me. He walks before me to prepare the way. He walks behind me to cover my back. He holds me up with His Righteous Right Hand of Love. That's encouraging, people! That increases my determination to make it through all the trials that come my way. That gives me the security I need when doubts try to creep in.

Where is your walk leading you? Are you a survivor? Know you are not trudging along by yourself. Other people have been just where you are right now. God WILL get you through, no matter what the outcome is. Trust me, I know. Just because you get wet along the way, doesn't mean you won't finish your walk.

He has brought me and my family through. He escorted my daddy to his new home. He is on the sidelines waiting to escort you to your next season of life.

Walk on, my friend. Wear your SURVIVOR shirt! Live like a survivor! Expect to be a SURVIVOR!! You are!! We all are if we believe God's got us covered. And, I am willing to bet you all I have and all I am that He does.