Thursday, March 5, 2009


"Tattoo Me On You". I remember hearing a Heavy Metal Christian song with those lyrics. Don't know who recorded it, but I really liked it. I can hum it it my head, but since you can't get in my head, I won't be able to sing it for you. Oh well.

I bring that up because my 19 year old son,Chase, got a tattoo today. Actually, I think it's pretty cool. This is a son that, as a child, had to be practically hog-tied to receive a shot or even a throat check from the doctor. Go figure.

It looks awesome! It is a cross with a treble clef running through it. That just says "Chase" to me. It tells the story of who he is. He is deeply devoted to Christ and to his love of music. He eagerly uses his musical gifts to glorify God and to worship Him in a profound way. If I had a digital camera that was working, I would take a picture of it for you. Maybe soon.

I know a lot of people have a variety of opinions when it comes to putting permanent markings on the body that God gave us. I do too. I don't think certain tattoos are appropriate at all. Nor do I think an over-abundant amount of them on one person is becoming. But,I am proud to the core that my son chose to demonstrate his love for God by permanently marking his arm with a distinguishing design that just says "I Love Jesus and I Will Serve Him With My Talents".

The tattoo shop we patronized is actually owned and operated by a member of our church. Isn't that amazing!? I would gladly recommend them to anyone who asked as they are very reliable and trustworthy to work with. It was just an entirely "God Thing" experience.

Brings to mind a verse from Galatians 6:17. "....I bear on my body the [brand] marks of the Lord Jesus Christ [the wounds, scars, and other outward evidence of persecutions-these testify to His ownership of me! " (AMP)

I'm sure Chase will be persecuted by some for having gotten the tattoo. I am more sure, though, that he will proudly display it as a banner of God's ownership of his soul and body. And, above all, I am sure glad that God blessed me with a son that I am pleased with; One who lives as an example of what God can accomplish in a life willing to surrender to Him.

What outward evidence of His ownership of you are you displaying today? Maybe it's your godly attitude. Maybe it's your smile or your willingness to help another human being. Think about it and be proud to wear that banner!!

Love and Blessings,