Saturday, July 24, 2010

God Is So Good!!!!!

I just love it when I can feel God working all around me! It is exciting, refreshing and keeps me full of anticipation! Makes me look forward to waking up in the mornings to see what He is gonna do next!!

How about you? Do you feel Him working in your life today? I certainly hope you do. I do know, though that there are scores of people who wonder where God is right now because they definitely don't feel Him working in their lives at this moment in time.

I have experienced times like that too. We all have. Last year at this time, I had just endured the loss of my precious Daddy after a battle with cancer. I did NOT exactly feel God working right then, but I knew He was. I had seen miracles and blessings all around me, but I was too numb to actually feel them. Looking back, I can see even more blessings than I did at the time, but the pain still stings my soul. It always will. But God, in His awesomeness has used That pain for His Glory and my healing! The thing I want to get across to you today, friend, is that GOD IS ALWAYS at work behind the scenes, even when you don't FEEL Him.

Have you ever read Exodus 33:18-23? It goes like this. Moses was on the side of the mountain and he so badly wanted to see the Glory of God. He was actually having a conversation with God Himself and asked ever so humbly to see Him face to face. God replied by telling Moses that His Glory was so powerful and incomprehensible that no person could see Him face to face and live. But, God loved Moses so much He made a way to honor his request. Here is what He did; He allowed Moses to stand behside Him on a rock and God covered Moses with His mighty hand while He passed right by him. Then the coolest thing ever happened, God removed the covering of His hand from Moses and allowed Moses to see His back after He had passed!

You see, friends, God is there beside you. You may not see Him or even feel His presence right now, but know that He has got you covered!! And, one thing is for might not see His face, but you will sure know when He has been there!!

Lay your pains, fears and concerns at His feet and let Him work on your behalf. He loves you just as much as He loved Moses and wants to honor your requests for experiencing His Glory. Close your eyes, imagine Him covering you with His hand and be ready to see the results He leaves behind!! May God Bless You Today!