Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Expectations

We were sitting in the drive-through window at our bank. The drawer opened. I removed my deposit receipts and drove away.

"Am I invisible?", came the small disappointed voice from behind me.

Then it dawned on me. My six year old son had been waiting patiently in the back seat of the van, expecting to receive a lollipop from the teller. I felt sorry for him. I did not even think about the fact that he had been excited about getting a treat until he muttered those sad little words.

Have you ever felt that way? Invisible, I mean?

I certainly have.

How many times I have walked down the halls at church, expecting a "hello" and a smile from a passer-by, but didn't receive one.

How many times I have wanted my husband to notice I cleaned up the house so it would be nice for him and he didn't.

How many times I have wanted my teenage son to give me a hug before heading out the door, but he forgot.

How many times I have wanted to be a part of the group of friends, but wasn't invited.

The list is endless. I'm sure you have a list of your own. The funny thing about that list, though, is our level of expectation. We are expecting things and reactions from people who aren't even aware of our desires. They do notice us. But, they cannot read our minds. They have no earthly idea what we are expecting from them.

Why do we place such high expectations on others, but often forget how we are treating them?

You be the one that smiles and gives a cheerful hello to that passer-by at church. Especially that new family who doesn't know a soul there.

You greet your husband at the door when he gets home from work with a warm welcome and a haven of rest. He will definitely notice that!

You grab your teenager before they head out for the day and tell them they are loved immensely.

Why not call a group of friends together for a Girl's night out? You can be the initiator. Don't wait until they realize they have overlooked you.

Today is the day! Find a person you can bless. Even if they have never lifted a finger to patronize you in any way at all. Commit a random act of kindness. Think of someone who may feel invisible and make them feel worthy and loved.

Believe me, after doing that, you won't feel invisible anymore. You will feel 10 feet tall! You will feel gratified! You will feel the love of Jesus flowing all over and through you!

That is something worthy of expectation.

I'm off to get my little guy a lollipop. See ya tomorrow!
Love and Blessings,


Dana said...

How VERY true my sista!! We DO look for satisfaction and gratification based upon our own expectations! You are right about that....Tell that boy of yours not to fear....lollipops are a coming!!! Love ya!

Kathy S. said...

Hi Starr, I am back from vacation, thanks for the visit. As usual, your post is inspiring. I think I need to go make a plan for girls night out!

hugs, Kathy

sagreen125 said...

that is the way I have been feeling. Thanks for the reminder that if they won't, maybe I need to take the steps.

Eve said...

I notice it now that I am a Senior Citizen or almost. But I can honestly say, it doesn't bother me. The longer we walk with God, my case 28 years, the less ego we have. So if someone ignores me, I don't take it personally.

Kay Martin said...

Oh, I want to give him a sucker now. You're right why cannot we imagine that someone else is really looking for a smile, a hello, a treat from me wherever I am ... all the time. With that mindset whomever treats me is wonderful, but that wasn't where my mind was... I was focused on givng love but willing to receive "whenever..."

Anonymous said...

Great Post!

I just came over for the first time this week and we must be thinking alike because my post is similar. "Smile"

How's your week been? Mine, crazy! An I still have to fight through the crowds at Wal-Mart tonight... that ought to throw a good woman right over the edge eh?!

xoxo~ Heather

koinonia community said...

The best advise ever!

Melanie said...

Great blog and so true. I was just telling Tyler something similiar yesterday when he got mad at someone for pulling out in front of me. I waved and he threw his arms in the air...What a teenager!! I told him he didn't know what that person had on their mind and that he shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Who knows that wave could have made that persons day! Have fun in GA and I will miss you, but the pets will be well taken care of!! Love you sis!

Anonymous said...

Someone once gave me great words of relational advice (especially useful in marriage):


Often times our expectations are not only un-communicated, but unreasonable.

Truth4thejourney said...

OUCH! This really hit home with me this weekend. Our wrong expectations will always set us up for a fall.

Great suggesions here. I hope to try some out in the near future. :)

Joanne said...

Girlfriend, you have inspired me! Even though it's Saturday and my hubby has been home all day, I am off to go and greet him in a loving way!

I miss you friend!